MIP Graduate Fellowship

The Master’s &
Internship Program

Graduate Fellowship

The Master’s and Internship Program (MIP) was established to provide young Albanian professionals, future leaders, and managers a unique opportunity for master's degrees from a U.S. university.


The Master’s & Internship Program (MIP) was established in 2016 by the Albanian – American Development Foundation (AADF), to provide young Albanian professionals, future leaders and managers a unique opportunity for Master's Degrees and Professional Internships in the fields of Agriculture, Business Administration & Management, Culture, Eco-Tourism & Hospitality, Economics, Education, Information Technology & Computer Science, Law, Public Administration, Public Health, and Public Policy.
Furthering the mission of AADF – to facilitate the development of a sustainable economy and a democratic society in Albania – these fellowships are designed for young and mid-career professionals who are committed to meeting the challenges of the future, and are dedicated to contributing the development of these fields in Albania. Since 2016, the Council for International Education Exchange partners with AADF for the professional internship program in the U.S. In 2018, American Councils for International Education began implementing the graduate fellowship program in the U.S. which is co-funded with the Biberaj Foundation.
The Master’s Degree Fellowship Program is intended for Albanian professionals who are applying to pursue a Master’s Degree from a U.S. higher education institution in one of the following fields:
Specializations within Agriculture can include but are not limited to:
Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Agricultural and Extension Education
Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences
Animal Science
Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences
Food Safety
Plant Pathology
Plant Science
Business Administration & Management
Specializations within Business Administration & Management can include but are not limited to:
Business Administration & Management
Business Teacher Education
Economics of Development
Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations
Electronic Commerce
Finance and Banking
General Management
Human Resource Management
International Business
Management Information Systems
Production/Operations Management
Supply Chain
Specializations within Culture can include but are not limited to:
Business and Heritage Management
Cultural Resource Management
Cultural Studies
Creative Industries and Cultural Entrepreneurship Management
Museum Studies
Heritage and Law
Historic Preservation
Protected Area Management
Arts and Heritage, Policy, Management and Education
Eco-Tourism & Hospitality
Specializations within Eco-Tourism & Hospitality can include but are not limited to:
Cultural Tourism
Destination Management
Event & Meeting Management
Hospitality Industry Studies
Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism
Recreation and Tourism Management
Tourism Heritage Development & Sustainability
Tourism & Travel Management
Tourism Policy and Planning
Tourism Promotion Operations
Specializations within Economics can include but are not limited to:
Agricultural Economics
Applied Econometrics
Development Economics
Economic Development 
Environmental / Natural Resource Economics 
International Economics, Trade and Finance 
Labor Economics/Industrial Organization
Policy / Public Economics 
Specializations within Education can include but are not limited to:
Education, General
Education Policy Analysis
Higher Education Policy
Educational Administration and Supervision
Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
Educational Assessment, Testing, and Measurement
Educational Evaluation and Research
Educational Leadership and Administration, General
Educational Statistics and Research Methods
Educational, Instructional, and Curriculum Supervision
Educational/Instructional Technology
Early Childhood Education
Elementary and Middle School Administration/Principalship
Elementary Education and Teaching
ESL Teacher Education
International and Comparative Education
Special Education
Superintendency and Educational System Administration
Life Long Learning & Adult Education
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods, Other
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas, Other
Teacher Education, Multiple Levels
Technology Teacher Education/Industrial Arts Teacher Education
Information Technology & Computer Science
Specializations within Information Technology & Computer Science can include but are not limited to:
Computer Engineering
Computer/Information Sciences, General
Computer Information Technology Administration and Management
Computer Programming, General
Computer Science
Computer Software and Media Applications
Computer Systems Analysis/Technology
Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications
Data Entry/Microcomputer Applications
Data Processing
Information Systems
Information Science/Studies
Specializations within Law can include but are not limited to:
Environmental and Natural Resources Law
Intellectual Property
International/Comparative Law
Int'l Legal Studies (including Int'l Orgs.)
Int'l Lgl Studies (incldg. Trade and Banking)
Public Administration
Specializations within Public Administration can include but are not limited to:
Public Finance
Health Administration
Local Government
Public Finance and Budget
Public Management
Urban Policy/City Management
Public Health
Specializations within Public Health can include but are not limited to:
Environmental Health Sciences
General Public Health
Health Services Administration
Public Health Education
Public Health Policy & Management
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Public Policy
Specializations within Public Policy can include but are not limited to:
Applied Economic Policy
Development Policy
Environment and Energy
Health Policy
Social Policy
Science, Technology & Environmental Policy
Public Financial Management
Nonprofit Policy, Management & Leadership
Fully Funded
AADF fully funds the Fellows' participation in the program. The fellowship covers the following costs :
  • Tuition Fees
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Book allowance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Round-trip travel
  • Visa Fees
Fields of Study
Strong preference will be granted for candidates applying in those major fields of study. MIP Fellows are required to return to Albania after their studies and apply their skills to the development of their country. MIP carefully screens applicants to ensure they have a real, lasting commitment to Albania. As part of the fellowship agreement, MIP requires its participants to return to Albania. Failure to return will result in the full repayment of the participant's program costs. Fellows receive a J visa, under the terms of which they are required to return to their country for at least two years. These and other measures ensure that the investment made in a MIP Fellow is an investment for the good of Albania and its people. The Fellowship is generally awarded for one or two academic years at a university in the United States to pursue a master’s degree.


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