2019 MIP Graduate Fellows Begin Program

The incoming 2019 group of MIP Fellows arrived in the U.S. to begin their program in July and August 2019. A Beginning of Program Orientation (BOP) was held for those MIP Fellows on May 18 - 19, 2019 in the AADF office located in Tirana. American Councils staff members conducted the orientation. A variety of topics related to program requirements and regulations, academic issues, insurance and logistics were discussed.

2019 MIP Fellows

Sonila Hasaj: Economic Development, Vanderbilt University
Enri Dervishi: MBA, Bentley University
Klodeta Janaqi: MBA Data analytics, Brandeis University
Henrik Lezi: MPS in Branding, School of Visual Arts
Romina Damini: International Development Policy, Duke University
Selim Blliku: MBA, Brandeis University
Akil Sokoli: Cultural Heritage, Boston University
Ina Yzeiraj: Public Administration, Cornell University
Lorela Lazaj: Public Administration, Syracuse University