Elda Isakaj

Elda Isakaj


Elda Isakaj’s drive, passion, and analytical mind make her ideally suited for the Information Technology profession. Elda has 5 years of combined experience in the fields of Information Technology and Information Systems Management. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Informatics with focus in Management Information Systems and also a Master of Science degree in Information Systems in Economics from University of Tirana.

Elda joined Tirana Court of Appeal in May 2016 as an Information Technology Specialist, providing strategic oversight and leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment throughout the Court.
In addition, Elda has conducted numerous researches and took part in execution of a number of projects (ICMIS and ForTheRecord System projects) in collaboration with EURALIUS and USAID, which have proved to be critical in her career development.

Prior to joining Tirana Court of Appeal, Elda worked at Jehona Software shpk where for a short time she had the opportunity to be a key staff in implementing several projects and as a Management Information System Specialist at Megatek sha, where she assisted in the administration of all Line of Business (LOB) applications of the company. Her first professional experience was a four months intership at the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship, in the Statistics and Information Technology Department as an IT Specialist.

Elda's long-term goal is to expertise in Management Information Systems so she can increase herself as an asset to the information industry and to be a fundamental part of the powerful technological workforce of her country.